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Actions for 2015

In a moment of quiet contemplation thanks to some lovely early morning traffic, I decided upon five actions I plan to take to improve the year ahead. You could say it is my #BigIdeas2015 on a very small scale.

1. Don't speed, the fine or points off your license aren't worth it, and no one cares that much if you're late. It is way more important that you just arrive.

2. Put your phone away. Conversations are awesome in real life. Technology is systematically removing this element of basic communication even though it is the most rewarding.

3. Hug your nan, grandma, nonna or oma! They are more often than not the silent support holding a family together, who have sacrificed a lot so we can have so much and we don't thank them enough.

4. Give something to charity, whether it be time or money, because there's too many people in this world struggling to get by and the smallest gesture can truly mean the world to them.

5. Wear sunscreen! Ok, this is personal one since I am a pale man living in a city with a lack of ozone layer. But still important none the less.

Enjoy the year ahead and remember that it is usually the simplest actions we take that bring the most joy to others.

What are your 5 Actions for 2015? I would love to hear about them and why they are the steps you will take to improve the lives of those around you!