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I am a business and professional coach based in Perth, Western Australia. I work with people to identify new opportunities, outline actions to achieve goals, and stay accountable to a strategy for success.


Josh's guidance has been invaluable for establishing Yoga for Pain Care Australia. His business coaching over the past six months has helped me set a clear vision for the organisation, articulate critical milestones, and stay on track to achieve them.

Thanks to Josh's coaching, Yoga for Pain Care Australia has moved from a hopeful one-man band, to an active team of yoga teachers and health practitioners around Australia, with our first international event early next year.  

Rachael - Managing Director, Yoga for Pain Care Australia

 "I have been incredibly impressed with Josh's questions, his ability to gently challenge me, and to balance optimism with grounded business advice." 

Josh Horneman is a talented young man. I use the word 'young' cautiously, however, 'Young' doesn't mean inexperienced. It doesn't mean less skilled. It's merely a reference to the fact that Josh is almost half my age! But that didn't stop me learning a great deal from Josh.

He helped me to "push through' on a project when my natural inclination was to hold back. Like a good personal trainer he identifies the 'talent juice' within you and then (gently) squeezes until the talent emerges (it's not messy, honestly!). Thank you, Josh, for your expertise and your persistence. It's paying off!

 Darrel - Founder, SOCIAL4SUCCESS


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