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The High Voltage Strategy Technique & The Ideas Bubble

I recently spent some time talking to the legends at The Electricians Success Academy about my tips for setting, and sticking to a business strategy. This podcast isn't just for sparky's, it has tricks and tips for anyone who is looking to achieve their goals in life or business.

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5 Tools To Help You Create Content

So many small business owners know that they should be creating good quality, original content as often as possible, but they struggle to find inspiration or time, or just don’t believe they have the skills to do it. I thought I would share a couple of the online tools I recommend to clients who are wanting to start writing their own content but just need some extra assistance to dive in.


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How To Overcome The Fear Of Change

I can safely say that the biggest limiting factor in some of the most critical decisions I have made in my life has been a fear of change and the unknowns that may/possibly/could/will take place.

I wanted to quickly share what has helped me overcome this fear, and explain how simple I believe it can be for anyone to overcome this fear themselves.