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Does Your Fear Come From Worrying About What Others Think?

Don't care. Don't fear.

As a student, entrepreneur, corporate leader or regular Joe, fear is often touted as the number one factor holding you back from succeeding. We often give ourselves a reassuring "pat on the back" when saying it's ok not to have taken action. But what is causing this fear in the first place? Why are so many of us not making changes, not taking a risk, not acting on instinct?

As well-known online motivator Gary Vaynerchuk repeats, we are all constantly worried about what other people think of us.

How much of what we do in a day doesn't matter? Actually, how much of yesterday do you actually remember right now? My guess is maybe 20%. So how much of YOUR day do you think SOMEONE ELSE remembers?

The speed of the world we are living in means that attention is lost almost as fast as it is gained. So why does it matter what someone thinks of your positive actions towards growth, when it will be on their mind for a couple of seconds before they move on to the next thought, and then the next?

If you are aiming to grow your personal brand, or your business, or just develop stronger relationships with people, the critical first step is to stop caring. The instant you can accept who you are and be comfortable in your own skin everything changes.

People will ALWAYS try to knock you down on your journey. Their noise will seem louder than the noise being made by your supporters. The fact is, the negative opinions don't matter.

If you are programmed to react to the endless opinions of others how is it ever going to be possible to have confidence in yourself to take action?

So take action now. Focus on your self-awareness. Forget about the opinions of those you don’t know or trust.

Start creating content to grow your brand. Start vlogging, Start writing that novel. Start hitting the gym. Just start doing whatever your fear has been holding you back from.